Our story

"When I started learning to drive I probably had one of the worst experiences ever. I was recommended a driving instructor from my best friend who, at the time, said how well this instructor had worked for him. The Instructor and I didn’t last very long before we clashed and after my third week of driving I found myself hunting for another. A few weeks later I finally found an Instructor that I worked well with and here I am 10 years later with a platform that hopefully avoids anyone going through the same setbacks I did, in which yes I still do get nightmares about."

Simeon Campbell, Director at Match2Learn


There are more than 40,000 Instructors in the U.K and all of them have gone through extensive training to be able to sit in the car next to you and help you achieve your goals. However, sometimes recommendations and phoning up driving schools doesn’t give you the assurance you need when making that £1000 decision on who is the right candidate to teach you to drive. We will act as both a comparison and match making tool for you so you really have a clearer idea as to who you are spending large amounts of money on.

At the end of the day everyone wants to enjoy their driving lessons. A student does an average of 47 hours of lessons and spends about £1,128 before they are test ready. Quite an investment of both time and money! For most learners it is a major step towards their independence. Our aim is to create a smooth process for both instructors and learners , helping them find each other and hopefully eradicating any uncompromising situations in which could hinder a learners ability to pass their test.

Based in The U.K, we at Match2Learn really strive to change the way people think and the whole ethos around learning to drive. You spend a long time learning so the least you can do is be with someone you’ve chosen specifically. We’ve spent months developing a unique matching process which will give you exactly who you are searching for with just a click of a button. We welcome you to our vision and hopefully we can do for you what wasn’t done for us. TAKE YOUR TIME AND GET MATCHING!!