We know it’s hard being self employed. With all the difficulties of a regular job on your shoulders, you have to worry about promoting yourself and your business to keep that regular flow of income coming in. We want to take some of those tasks off you and help you grow your business no matter your availability. We don’t ask for subscription or monthly fees. There’s no catches and it’s free to sign up.

Why Match2Learn?

What can we promise that you haven’t been promised before? We are fully aware that there are many companies like ours that may have promised you similar things previously and may have let you down. We are both young and have extensive knowledge around social media. In the few months we have been promoting Match2Learn we have received thousands of likes and even gained interest from top insurance companies like InGenie who have kindly agreed to work with us.

We cannot guarantee that we will get you business as it depends on the matching process but what we can promise is that we will give your business more exposure. We’ve always been told, ‘the more you try the more you’ll succeed’. Match2Learn doesn’t charge you any subscription fees, so by being with us you can only gain. Gain marketing and promotion for free and any matches that you may get you can count them as a bonus. Our primary aim is not to make as much money as possible; it’s merely to provide the tools to create an ideal, seamless platform that everyone is happy with.

How does it work?

  • Create your free profile
  • Fill in all your details to appear in searches
  • We sell your 1-40 hour lesson packages on your behalf
  • Accept students
  • Enjoy teaching a learner that has been matched and chosen you specifically.

Join Us

However, without you on board we cannot provide a service. On that basis we take the views and opinions of our member Instructors very seriously. If you have any suggestions, comments or needs then just drop us an email at info@match2learn.co.uk and one of our Directors will help you themselves. No call centres, no long waits, instead a quality service that takes your views very seriously.

We are very honest with our approaches and don’t feel instructors should foot the bill for marketing that doesn’t turn into anything. We only charge a small percentage fee for any lesson package a student buys from you through our platform. You also get to accept or decline any student that purchases your lesson packages so the power still remains in your hands.

We hope you see value in our product and join our journey to creating a tool that is beneficial for everyone involved. Get started by creating your free profile today!

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