Learning to drive can be a stressful process. Getting off to a good start is really important for your confidence and motivation levels. At Match2learn we hope to give you that boost you need to get you where you need to be. Our member Instructors are all Approved Driving Instructors (ADI’s) and have gone through extensive training to help you reach your goal.

Costs of learning to drive

You can expect to fork out an average of £1,128 on 47 lessons before you are truly test ready. Again this can vary depending on you as an individual. It’s a lot of money to spend which is why it is essential you choose the correct driving instructor from the get go. Sometimes it may be better to buy your lessons in bulk as this will give you a saving and you get more for your money. The decision is completely up to you and we will strive to give you the tools to make an informed decision.

Choosing the right instructor

The usual methods are either by word of mouth, on-line Google search or via a local driving school. Again this is taking a step into the unknown as you don’t really have full control over your decision which could affect you in the long run. We will give you all the necessary information for you in your search that is tailored to you from the car you want to learn in, right the way to the age you want your instructor to be.

Passing your driving test

After all you’re hard work it simply comes down to just one big judgment day. Make sure you are confident with every aspect of driving, and yes! That does include manoeuvres and checking your blind spot. Stay calm and focussed and remember if you weren’t ready your instructor wouldn’t have put you forward. GOOD LUCK!! IF YOU ARE READING THIS YOU'RE ALREADY ON THE RIGHT PATH.